Patrick Siech (SE)


Patrick Siech’s process as an electronic music creator could be described with two words: Focus and release. Patrick has built an entire Eurorack modular system around the philosophy of letting go of the controls and let the randomness of his machines lead the way. He lets his vast array of music equipment take him on a journey – as much machine soul as possible with just enough human interference.


Instead of acting the part of the bold explorer Patrick Siech takes on the roll of the creative travel reporter, carefully listening, selecting and editing the exceedingly long live takes this approach yields.

The result is a musical body full of life, quirks and unpredictability cleverly organized by Patrick in such a way as to function as a hypnotic and mind-altering force on any dance foor. “I believe the entire purpose of the techno genre is to explore and create sounds, beats and settings that take peoples minds away from reality”, Patrick says. “Combining this with dance and the club setting, you get a very powerful form of escapism”.


To be sure, this is what Patrick Siech has being aiming for from the very start. He begun spinning records in southern Sweden in the late ‘90s, making a name for himself as a club promoter and skilled DJ. Almost twenty years later, this close connection and avid respect for the dance foor and its multitude of inhabitants is still at the very core of Patrick’s enterprise both as a DJ and a producer. To connect with the crowd at an almost primal tribal level, to create a vibe of togetherness and exclusiveness, to hypnotize and unite all the individuals in the dance foor into one single collective mind. These are the goals of Patrick Siech.


Patrick released his frst record in 2010 on the classic Drumcode label, which he has returned to several times since. Four years and three releases later he and Sebastian Mullaert of Minilogue joined forces, releasing Genome I on the even more legendary M_nus label. While Patrick Siech’s sound certainly has evolved even further since, the combination of minimalistic M_nus and hardhitting Drumcode states something profound about his music:

It’s aimed at the body and the mind at the same time. Focus and release.

After re-joining Sebastian Mullaert on a very special Drumcode Limited release in 2016, Patrick Siech dropped his second record on Parabel in 2017, the label and crew to which he’s now primarily connected. 2017 also saw him return once more to the main foor at Berghain as well as completing an Australian tour.


Available for DJ set.

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