Franz Jäger



After experimenting with Dubstep and Drum ’n’ Bass for over 8 years Franz Jäger started in 2016 following a more technoid approach. Based in Stockholm and inspired by the works of Seba, DJ Slip a.k.a. Troy Geary as well as jazz, soul and the sound of nature he now passionately focusses on his unique interpretation of minimalistic and organic Techno full of momentum and carefully crafted soundscapes. With early support and mentoring from Cari Lekebusch he first played at one of the infamous „Underground Cult“ parties followed by numerous gigs all over Sweden including Club ‚mmmmm‘ in Stockholm. As resident of Schimmer Records from Stuttgart and with his release on HAYES Collective in 2020 and his debut album on Diffuse Reality in 2021 he gained massive attention and received heavy support for his outstanding creative output. Having had his first international appearance in Berlin for Room Lab shortly after Franz Jäger is now part of both Schimmer Records and Parabel Music. With upcoming LP release on Malör and more Franz Jäger will surely be heard plentily exploring the depths of electronic music paired with his distinctive combination of organic and broken sounds.


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