A UK based DJ, Producer and Label Owner. Internationally influenced and served with quiet confidence, his music draws you in, giving you something for the mind as well as the dance floor.

The name ”FLAWS” became a testament to the belief that imperfections are the essence of art. In a world that seeks perfection, Kai embraces the beauty of the unconventional, weaving sonic tapestries that echoes with raw emotion and uncharted rhythms.

FLAWS receives attention for his music globally, Founder of Platform 22 (London), resident of Eerste Communie (Netherlands) he maintains strong support from respected DJs and performs at club events around the world, London, Marrakech, Manchester, Berlin, New York, Detroit, Chicago to name a few. 

With his unwavering dedication to quality and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what electronic dance music can be, FLAWS is an artist who is poised to make a major impact on the global music scene.

’His DJ sets are a masterclass in rhythm and attention to detail, seamlessly blending together tracks to create an experience that is both immersive and unforgettable.’


Available for Dj-set.
For bookings: linda@parabelmusic.se